100 Meter Roll 8mm HT Ignition Lead Cable – High Resistance Hypalon Black


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GPLHRSBK800M Misc HT Lead, Fittings & Sets 8mm HT Ignition Lead Cable High Resistance Cable Hypalon Black Ignition Cable, Suppressed Graphite Price is per 100 meters. Silicon sheathed, SilicoOoutside diameter, To BS6862, Iso3808-2 1980 (E) classification-Class E type 3, Colour: black. Specification: Operating temerature: -40 to 220c, Conductor: A uniformly graphite treated glass fibre roving over-braided with glass fibre yarn and subsequently coated with an exruded conductive silicone rubber jacket, the conductive silicone rubber jacket prevents loss of carbon, and provides a good mechanical and electrical contact with applied terminals, Insulation-primary: Primary insulation consists of a heat curable silicone rubber jacket (HCSR), Insulation-secondary: Secondary insulation consists of a silicone rubber jacket pigmented black, Dimensions: finished diameter 8.00mm, 0.3mm, Core resistance: 9.8Kilohms to 23.0Kilohms, (meeting SAE J557 spec), Now superseded no longer stating resistance value, All required RFI suppression characteristics met, Electrical properties of silicone insulation: Volume resistivity:-Ohms-cm = over 1 x 1014, Electric strengt:-Volts-mil = 500, Dielectric constant:-60Hz=2.95, Power factor:-60Hz=0.005, Tensile strength: 500N to elastic threshold, Breakdown voltage: 40Kv,