1x PowerTec HT Ignition Lead Sets OE PT3111


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PT3111 Powertec HT Lead, Fittings & Sets Direct replacement Sets (PT—) Sport Sets (SPT—) (Coming Soon) Copper Core Sets (PT—C) Semi-tailored OE Sets (PT—C) Multifit Sets (M—) The PowerTec Range Direct Replacement Sets (PT—) A range of over 900 sets manufactured to meet or out perform those fitted as original equipment by using only the highest quality 5, 7, and 8 mm Silicone cable and OE style components. The cable has a Kevlar core, providing maximum spark plug output with minimum electrical interference. The PowerTec Range Copper Core Sets (PT—C) OE type range available in tinned bare copper conductor allowing maximum conductivity to the spark plug. To ensure that no electrical interference is experienced, such as RFI/EMI, Powertec use suppressed spark plug and distributor connectors. The PowerTec Range Semi-tailored Sets (PT–ST) A range of sets designed for use exclusively with multi-valve engines, offering an economical price alternative to the PT exact OE replacement set. Made using 7mm Silicone Kevlar core cable and high quality semi-tailored multi-valve boot on the plug end, otherwise the set is identical to the OE-type sets. The PowerTec Range Multifit Sets (M—) 17 sets in the range covering all popular applications, including 5, 6 and 8 cylinder engine models. Manufactured using 8mm EPDM single extrusion Kevlar core cable, with superior spark boots and terminals. Thanks to improved technology, years of experience and reliable suppliers we are able to manufacture high quality ignition lead sets at competitive prices. Powertec offers the widest range of ignition lead sets covering over 1000 OE applications.