1x Spark Plugs KLG ML50


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Spark Plug KLG ML50 Long reach 18mm spark plugs Insulator made by Alumina (Al2O3) Heat range adjusted to 190 +/- 10% imeps. (171 to 209) Spark plugs would be Ni-Cr quality Applications: Albion EN70/80/85/245/246/247 Armstrong Sidley BSA 8.9HP 4 Wheeler Bull Nose Morris Daimler Dennis Guy engines taking 18mm long reach Leyland Cub Morris Commercial engines taking 18mm long reach Morris Cowley Pashley Raleigh 3 Wheeler Villiers engines taking 18mm long reach CLAE F-10 (Australian marine engine) Riley 9 Owners please note :- The original plug was a Champion 16 which is now a Champion D9 1/2 Reach but Lodge also recommended a 3/4 Reach Lodge CB3. We do not recommend our ML50 as an alternative in this case. Want to know more?