8mm HT Ignition Lead Cable – Ferroflex Core Silicone Dark Blue


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8mm HT Ignition Lead Cable Ferroflex Core Dark Blue, Silicone Insulated, Silicone Sheath Price is per 1 metre. If you require a longer length simply add the Qty: of meters. (Supplied in multiples of 1m) Cable is sent as one uncut length up to a max of 30m Ferroflex® – Premium cable used in the majority of our high performance lead sets. The core consists of a fibreglass base coated with a ferromagnetic compound and tightly wound with a stainless steel resistance wire under a coat of conductive lacquer. The design ensures maximum spark quality with minimum voltage loss while maintaining excellent Electro Magnetic Pulse suppression. Overall Diameter: 8mm Covering: Insulation: Silicone Outer Sheath: Silicone Temperature Rating: -40 to +220ºC Resistance: 5.6kOhms per metre (nom) as standard Reinforcement: Glass fibre braid over insulation Test Voltage: 8.0mm dia Silicone – 35.0 – 40.0 kV RMS BDV (typically) Specification: Fully approved to ISO3808:2002(R) Class E Type 4 Termination: All lead sets use brass, beryllium copper or stainless terminals with silicone or EPDM connector covers, many of which are sourced from the Original Equipment manufacturers. Our lead sets are designed to equal or exceed the design of the original lead set without compromising on fit or function.