Remax Condensers DS82 – Replaces Lucas DJC233 Intermotor 34800 Fits Hitachi


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DS82 Remax Distributors & Components This Remax Part Number Replaces FORD A810X12300AEA HOLDEN GH608 HONDA 30108-657-005 MITSUBISHI T315T21971 MITSUBISHI T315T23571 MITSUBISHI T315T23671 NISSAN 22102-N6000 NISSAN 22102-N6001 NISSAN 22102-U6001 NISSAN 22102-U6002 NISSAN 22102-U6003 NISSAN 22102-U6004 NISSAN 22102-01M11 Remax has been established to provide its customers with high quality auto electrical parts. We pride ourselves on the select sourcing of premium quality and reliable products. We thoroughly test all our Remax products and wherever possible try to source our products from the EU. If this is not possible, we apply our high standards and tests to products from around the world.