Remax Contact Sets DS142 – Replaces Lucas DSJ100 Intermotor 22270 Fits Hitachi


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DS142 Remax Distributors & Components This Remax Part Number Replaces DAEWOO GH203 DAIHATSU 19145-87301-000 FORD 1523364 FORD 5000741 FORD A720X12171EA FORD A730X12171BA FORD D67Z12171B GENERAL MOTORS 7992340 GENERAL MOTORS 94022297 HOLDEN GH203 HONDA 30105-590-075 HONDA 30105-634-005 HONDA 30105-657-005 HONDA 30105-679-005 HONDA 30105-634-0051 HYUNDAI 27135-11000 ISUZU 2231-1515 ISUZU 8231-1514 ISUZU 8231-1515 ISUZU 94022-297 ISUZU 9-82311-515-0 ISUZU 9-82311-518-0 NISSAN 22145-U6001 NISSAN 22145-U6002 NISSAN 22145-18005 NISSAN 22145-71301 NISSAN 22145-73415 NISSAN 22145-78506 SUBARU 49146-7011 SUBARU 89146-4111 SUBARU 89146-4821 Remax has been established to provide its customers with high quality auto electrical parts. We pride ourselves on the select sourcing of premium quality and reliable products. We thoroughly test all our Remax products and wherever possible try to source our products from the EU. If this is not possible, we apply our high standards and tests to products from around the world.