Remax Distributor Caps DS256 Replaces Lucas DDB882 Int 46530 Fits Marelli


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DS256 Remax Distributors & Components This Remax Part Number Replaces CITROEN/PEUGEOT 5941.30 FIAT 9938273 FIAT 9938274 FIAT 9938360 FIAT 9939787 FIAT 9940656 FIAT 9944576 FIAT 9944794 FIAT 9944974 FIAT 9946355 FIAT 82361914 FORD 5010937 FORD 6542391 FORD A810X12276AAA FORD A830X12276AA FORD V90HF-12106-AA RENAULT 77 01 030 505 RENAULT 77 01 204 069 SEAT 3980907 SEAT SE021914.001B Remax has been established to provide its customers with high quality auto electrical parts. We pride ourselves on the select sourcing of premium quality and reliable products. We thoroughly test all our Remax products and wherever possible try to source our products from the EU. If this is not possible, we apply our high standards and tests to products from around the world.