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Electric Harley Davidson – I kid you not!

electric harley davidson motorcycle

Called “Project LiveWire”, this is Harley’s first attempt at selling electric motorcycles. Interesting to see they included an ‘engineered sound’ because they thought it needed something. Not the thump of a big v-twin as you might expect, but instead what seems like some sort of pseudo-electric whine.

0-60mph times of 4 seconds and 90 MPH have been reported from this fully electric bike, so it is perfectly pitched in the performance stakes with similar petrol-driven motorcycles.

Whether you like the idea or not, you have to applaud Harley’s attempt at breaking tradition as well as pushing the boundaries and getting something out there for people to comment on. We remain unconvinced by the styling though and think that Harley need to step this side up a bit to compete with other electric brands currently available if they are to remain at the top of their game. With a huge slab-sided profile and what looks like a cheap aftermarket tablet stuck to the handlebars, they should draw inspiration from some of the custom builders out there and make this design flow a lot better.

What do you think?