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Unique invention solves parking problems

So you are struggling to get into or out of that parking space? Maybe you just find doing donuts a bit too difficult?  Well the answer lies in a 1927 invention that, quite honestly, looks like it might need a few more fail-safe add-ons if it’s going to hit mass production any time soon. Funny though…

Perhaps you’d prefer this: Modern solution to parking?

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The maddest intersection on earth?


We have all seen those Russian and Asian videos where there are some simply lunatic drivers whizzing through crossroads at breakneck speeds. This one really takes the prize though, as pedestrians, riders and drivers all compete to get as close as humanly possible to each other.

Well OK, it’s a heavily modified mix of video clips run through the ubiquitous Adobe After Effects, but this is one creative video truly worthy of a watch!


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21st century car parking

Well, it has been hinted at in film-making and it makes absolute sense (if you see a future for wheeled personal transport that is). This radical car parking and valeting solution is as automated as it gets for now and is available in Liechtenstein. Pez dispensing aficionados get ready for a treat.

Well it’s a damn site more impressive on an engineering level than this early 20th century solution to parking but is it really a step in the right direction? My question has to be do we need to queue for the robotic arm now? Do you think that this is the future or merely something that solves the wrong problem? Let us know below.

If you are just after some modern parking ideas, then you may want to check out this luxury apartment car storage idea too:


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Mobility scooter fitted with KTM 250cc 2 stroke engine

Wow, adding to the list of bizarre items we see for sale, we’ve come across this Celebrity DX mobility scooter fitted with a KTM 250mx 250cc 2 stroke motocross engine.

ktm-mobility-scooter-1 ktm-engined-mobility-scooter-2 fast-ktm-mobility-scooter-3


Here are the main points of the advert:

Fitted with uprated reed valves, custom exhaust, kart motoplat ignition and rm 500 carb.
Has to be bump started but is easy to do as it has a hand clutch and foot gear change.
The mobility scooter comes with a selection of front sprockets to adjust top speed.
Collins record breaking one has a 125cc engine mine has a 250cc engine.
This is very fast, not a toy but very stable at higher speeds.
Sorry collection only or you can arrange a courier.
No test pilots 🙂

Just make sure you don’t bump start it when you are parked in the disabled space outside the benefits office, eh?